What tariffs are eligible for the Oculus Go headset and 12-month MelodyVR subscription?

5G devices purchased directly from us, on £39 31GB, £43 61GB or £48 unlimited 5G O2 Refresh tariff.


Can I get more than one headset or subscription?

No, we're afraid not. This offer's limited to one bundle per order.


Is the MelodyVR subscription free?

Yes. At the end of the 12 months you'll get an option to buy a renewal.


Can I pass or sell the headset of subscription on to someone else?

No, they're personal to you and can't be transferred or exchanged for cash. The MelodyVR subscription must be activated on the 5G phone you ordered from us.


How long does my MelodyVR subscription last for?

It's free for 12 months from the time of activation.


How do I order my Oculus Go headset and activate my MelodyVR subscription?

You'll get a leaflet with a unique code with your 5G device order. Then head to and enter your code. Keep in mind your headset could take up to 14 days to arrive.


When can I arrange delivery of my headset and activate my MelodyVR subscription?

You can use your unique code as soon as you receive it with you 5G device order.


Will my unique code expire?

You can redeem your voucher until Feb 14 2020.


If I cancel my O2 contract will I still be able to keep my headset and use my subscription?

No. If you cancel your contract in the change-of-mind period you'll need to return your 5G device and Oculus Go headset and your MelodyVR subscription will be stopped. For full terms see


Is this tariff bundle eligible with any other offers, like Friends and Family discounts?

Other offers are subject to their own terms. For full details see



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I didn't get my redemption leaflet/lost it - who do I contact?

Contact us so we can send you a new one.


I'm having problems with the order page - who do I contact?

Call 01425 284000 or email


I haven't received my Oculus Go headset - who do I contact?.

It can take up to 14 days to arrive. Once it's dispatched you can use the tracking information issued with your order. Any issues call 01425 284000 or email


I've tried to redeem my MelodyVR subscription but the voucher code won't work - what do I do?

Contact us so we can send you a new one.


I've tried to enter my voucher code on the MelodyVR App Store but it says I've already redeemed - what do I do?

Contact us so we can send you a new one.


I've tried to redeem my MelodyVR subscription but the voucher code has expired - what do I do?

Contact us so we can send you a new one.


Can I track my Oculus Go headset delivery?

Yes, the order will be dispatched by Royal Mail Signed for Delivery, which will issue a tracking number.


My address has changed - how do I update this to make sure I still receive my Oculus Go headset?

Once it's dispatched, contact Royal Mail and change the delivery address using the tracking number.




Will I still keep my MelodyVR subscription if I upgrade my phone before it expires?

Yes, the MelodyVR subscription is yours to keep.


Who do I contact if my Oculus Go headset goes faulty?

You can go to to get support.


How can I find out when my MelodyVR subscription ends?

Go to the MelodyVR app and find your subscription in the Library, it will show the date your subscription expires.


If I want to continue a subscription with MelodyVR how should I do this?

When you're nearing the end of your 12-month subscription, MelodyVR will contact you with an option to renew it.


What happens if the MelodyVR site goes down?

Go to the melodyvr help page


Can I access live concerts with MelodyVR?

Yes, but there will be an additional payment which you can make through the MelodyVR app.


Can I stop or cancel my 12-month MelodyVR subscription?

Your 12-month MelodyVR subscription is part of a bundle with your O2 5G Refresh custom plan tariff. You can’t cancel the subscription with MelodyVR during the 12-months free period, however if you cancel your O2 contract your MelodyVR subscription will end. At the end of the 12-months, your free subscription will stop and you will be able to choose to continue with a paid subscription if you like